A Woolful Podcast

Late last September I received an email from a charming woman by the name of Ashley Yousling, a knitter, designer, big dreamer and most of all, serious community building dynamo.  She was inquiring about a project that she was building with another friend, also knitter and designer, Annie Claire, called Little Woolens.  She had found my work through Instagram and was inquiring about my yarn ambitions and the possibility of using one of my naturally dyed yarns in a knitting project for their new endeavor.  I was excited by the opportunity while at the same time a little overwhelmed because I was, and still am, very much in the process of deciding on the perfect yarn base for my evolving WOOLCRUSH yarn line.  A process that I am not taking lightly, nor feeling the need to rush.  I relayed this sentiment and was assured that their project was going to take on an organic evolution and they would be interested when the timing felt right for everyone.  Not too long after, Ashley reached out again and shared yet another of her mighty dreams she had in the works, a podcast.  Not just any podcast, but one focused on the wide array of fiber folk and yarn creatives working in the world today.  She extended an invitation for a little "fireside chat" via skype in which I would share about my aspirations and dreams for my fiber journey.  

Here is what became of that conversation....

Woolful Podcast Episode 10: Falling into fiber arts, Natural dyeing, Dedication and Building communities