We Are Storytellers

We are all storytellers.  Some of us are better at sharing our stories than others.  Some are more comfortable telling them to a large audience, while some quietly tell them in their mind.  I have been writing a blog in my mind for over a decade.  I will never forget the first blog I read many, many years ago.  It was written by a woman of average status, for all intents and purposes.  She was not a celebrity.  She was not a wealthy, beautiful woman who had refined her style to a point of envy but rather a woman who was capturing her life through the lens of a camera and her tapping of the keyboard. I spent about an hour and a half pouring through her blog.  I reached out to her and told her how inspired I was by her story.  She responded in a kind way.  She was excited to have her story read by another human.  I found her blog searching for a recipe for banana pancakes.  Each time I make them, I think of her. 


I want to stop writing a blog in my mind.  I want to put it out there.  I’m not clear why. I’m not sure I am certain it will bring me any closer to my authentic self. I AM sure I will be pushed way out of my comfort zone and I’ll be tempted to delete it.  But since this is something that has been repeating itself over and over in my mind then I think it's time to flush it out.  See what happens.  Maybe it will create more space in my mind for bigger dreams, more inspiration and a clearer understanding of why we want to tell our own stories.  


Hello, this is my blog.  I vow to never post an entry about blueberry muffins.  That’s something I have always poked fun at in blog land. I also admit that I’ll probably totally end up posting something very similar to a blueberry muffin post one day because I’ve lived long enough to know that one always has to eat one’s words.  I can only hope they taste mighty fine when I do.